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Default Re: Fleetwood by Camco
You're welcome. I think that you made a wise decision.
No matter how far you push the envelope, it is still stationery.
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Default Re: Fleetwood by Camco
As blurry as that photo is, the name could be "Cameo" rather than "Camco."
Early '70's Slingerland New Rock #50 in blue agate (20-16-13-12)
Late '50's WFL Swingster/Barrett Deems in black/gold Duco
'70's Slingerland Gene Krupa Sound King COB
'76 Ludwig Supraphonic
early '70's Ludwig Acrolite
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Rogers Supreme Big "R" hi hat
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Default Re: Fleetwood by Camco
Those look to be "Battleship" lug Pearl stencils to me...in Blue Agate/Tiger Stripe...NOT Arctic White. The hi-hat footboard, mounting hardware all agrees with this. Very early 70's luan drums.
Old 11-18-2014, 01:25 AM
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Default Re: Fleetwood by Camco
No relation to anything "Camco" but, yeah, probably a Japanese stencil kit. Wrap is cool - could be fun if the price is right (that is: low). Not valuable as such. You're in Switzerland so wouldn't be surprising if there's a Paiste cymbal in there.

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