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Default Wanted: Leedy Marvel Strainer (1924-26?)
I might as well get this search off the ground for the New Year.

I've got a very nice condition 6x14 Leedy Multi-model missing the Marvel Strainer (Leedy's first attempt at a Parallel system).
I'm looking for the Parallel bar that goes across the bottom and holds the snares. Any help in locating or tips would be greatly appreciated.
I've posted this at DFO as well. Thanks you!!
It looks like this:
Attached Thumbnails
1974-75 Rogers Starlighter IV New England White 13/16/22 (w/Dyna)
1964-67 Rogers Blue Glass Glitter 12/14/16/20
early Oaklawn Camco Blue Moire 12/14/20
1926 Super Ludwig 5x14
1960-ish Ludwig COB 5x14 Super Sensitive
1960-ish Ludwig COB 6.5x14 Super Sensitive
1970 Ludwig COB Cut-Badge 5x14 Supra Phonic

Looking for a Camco Aristocrat SD in Blue Moire!!

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