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Default 1966 Sky Blue Pearl Ludwig
I have a 1966 Sky Blue Pearl Ludwig set. No extra holes, all original hardware except two bass drum claws/t-rods which I replaced with 60's/70's replacements. The bass drum has an Atlas mount. The wrap is in near mint condition. Minor rust on the rims, but certainly some cleaning will treat it. White interior.

The sizes are 22/16/12/14.

The 14" was bought after the 22/16/12 and the owner said his grandfather had it custom made in 1970. It has what looks to be marcher lugs, but no extra holes/snare bed/or even a badge or badge hole. All hardware is Ludwig, and it is also painted white on the interior. (The pictures of the hardware are all of the 14" tom).

I'm looking for a set of Super Classics in a sparkle wrap from the same era or earlier. Willing to listen on any other 22/13/16 US sets from the same era. Located in Boston and prefer to deal locally, but I'm willing to drive within MA/RI/CT/NH/VT

Pictures: http://imgur.com/WRrCv69&OJatI54&Ta7Ydzh&aMOsyWg

PM if interested.

keystone , ludwig , sky blue pearl

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