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Default Ludwig Japan snare from estate ... any clue?
hi folks, I'm new here. I am a smalltime music producer and trying to acquire a few respectable options for drums at my studio, just skimming ebay and CL. I just bought this snare drum. As it's from an estate the owner has no real information about it. I was hoping that one of the gurus here might take a passing interest - I don't delude myself that it's very valuable, probably one of many similar japanese snares, however I gleaned from the internet that they can be of good player value when cleaned up. True?

EDIT: I'm really a know-nothing about drums, it took me a while to realize that this is most likely some other brand of snare that someone jury-rigged a Ludwig part onto. I would delete this thread but i can't figure out how. Oh well!

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estate , identify , japan , ludwig , snare

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