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Default Hoop specs for Gretsch RB 20"?
Hi all

I've just picked up a silver-satin round badge 20" bass drum shell. Looks like the seller has stripped the thing to sell parts... but no hoops so I need to source some. I like a good round hoop anyway, and this will be more of a player drum than a collector one so I'm thinking I will grab new hoops rather than vintage ones. My objective is not to get a cosmetically perfect recreation, rather I just want the hoop to be a good fit and functionally sound. Having said that I will paint it up and get the right inlay so that it looks the part.

Anyway... I'm looking at grabbing some new hoops and wondered if anyone can confirm the specs?? So far I think they'll need to be:
- 1.5" deep
- with a 3/4" inlay groove routed
- and a rounded front for the claws

Does that sound right?

Here's the supplier I'm looking at for hoops:

And here's the shell I bought:

Thanks for any advice or ideas!


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Default Re: Hoop specs for Gretsch RB 20"?
If you are buying from Precision they can tell you the specs...
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Default Re: Hoop specs for Gretsch RB 20"?
Right on. Have flicked them an email. I'll post back here if they confirm or otherwise.

gretsch , hoops , round badge

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