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Default Re: Vibratone-Recco-Norma drums
Maybe it's me, but even those Zim Gar's scream Hoshino to me. Those don't look like the Pearl made ones. Same with the Recco.
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Default Re: Vibratone-Recco-Norma drums
Jay the lugs and other hardware in question here is pretty darned uncommon
I do believe these were a super duper special Star build

The Zim Gar badge is identical to the small blue badges they used
But instead had a silver background rather the blue

I could not speak to the Recco badge as this thread marks my first time seeing Recco
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Default Re: Vibratone-Recco-Norma drums
Originally Posted by teverson-sr View Post
The Vibratone is an early Kent product.
Yep that is made by Kent and has a 2 ply maple shell ..
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