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Default Did I get a deal?
Hi guys! I'm new around here, but from what I've read thus far, you guys are crazy knowledgeable, and I think I'll like it here.

Today, I bought my first drumset. I've been playing drums for a few years, but have either had a kit on lone from a friend living at my place, or have borrowed drums from the Backline company I work for whenever I was in need of a kit. I finally decided it was time to buy a great kit for recording and the few gigs I play as a drummer. I wanted something vintage styled, for sure, so was looking either at old Ludwig and Slingerland sets or at a modern C&C Player Date. I'd been shopping around for most of the summer when I came across a kit for sale locally that caught my eye and, after going to see it, I bought it.

Its a 1965 Ludwig New Yorker (22x12 kick and 12x8 rack tom) with an added 16x16 floor tom dated Sept 23, 1966. Gold sparkly wrap. The kit's in incredible condition - not a scratch on it. In comparison to other kits from this era that I'd found on Craigslist and gone to look at, this is a collector's piece. Even has the original kick drum mounted cymbal stand, and the original kick and floor tom heads, with very little wear on them. I bargained a bit with the seller, and got him to give me a 1967 Supraphonic snare (pretty decent condition, but with a 70s throw instead of the original), a 60s Ludwig script logo high hat stand, a matching snare stand, a Speed King kick pedal, and a Dixon flat base straight cymbal stand with the kit. I paid $1325 all together. Looking around online, there's not a ton of info on the New Yorker kits, and prices and condition seem to vary a ton, so I really have no idea. Considering they're all 60s Keystone badge drums in phenomenal condition, I think I did pretty well. Did I?

Also just a practical thing: anyone have a recommendation for cases for these beauties? I've been eyeing up the Ludwig Atlas bags but they're kinda pricey.


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Default Re: Did I get a deal?
I think you got a fair deal. I know the 12x22 is suppose to be a super sweet sounding bass drum and you don't see a ton of them. The only issue i see is if its in really nice collectors condition you may not want to be taking it out and gigging with it. Good thing you got the "bug" now so you will need another vintage kit. Good luck with these!

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Default Re: Did I get a deal?
I had a New Yorker outfit a year ago. Bass drum was killer! It sounds like you paid a fair price for your outfit.
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Default Re: Did I get a deal?
Sounds like you did fine. Be careful though that vintage drum bug is a killer!
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Default Re: Did I get a deal?
Protection Racket bags, or drum Seeker (cheapest) or Ahead Armor are all about the same and do a good job of protection drums. If you're going to be hauling them around a lot, or especially if other people are going to be hauling them around then hard shell cases may be a better idea.

Of course a New Yawker is meant to be hauled around in cabs...right?

Here's mine...

[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x1tsxliSrk"]Ludwig 1959 "New Yorker" drum outfit. - YouTube[/ame]

Which aren't quite in immaculate shape.
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Default Re: Did I get a deal?
Keerist, that's a beauty, K.O. I love that one, sexy in red sparkle.

Too many great drums to list here!

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Default Re: Did I get a deal?
Thanks so much for all the replies guys! Here's a picture of the kit. Need to put some new heads and pick up some cymbals for it, but then it should be pretty much together!
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Default Re: Did I get a deal?
22 x 12 makes so much sense! Damn, now my GAS is back!!
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Default Re: Did I get a deal?
I do indeed have a set of the heavy naugahide Ludwig bags (1967 old logo) if interested. 22-13-16 in really nice shape with all zippers working.

Drop me a line if interested

Cleveland Oh.
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Default Re: Did I get a deal?
I love my 12"x22". Really nice sounding bass drum.

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