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Default Supra vintage info please
Hello there guys, just want to know some info about my supraphonic ludwig:
What year was made?
Whats the price if I want to sell it?
Here is it:
Ludiwg supraphonic brass 5x14

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Default Re: Supra vintage info please
That's a hammered BRONZE drum. Tough to tell the age with the badge wiped clean but the oldest it could be is circa 1984 as that is when the larger keystone badge was introduced. The throw off and those die-cast hoops would make me guess it's an older one (close to 1984-85-86).
Ludwig still makes this drum so it's not rare although some people (myself included) prefer the older ones. I paid $350 for a 1984 model in near mint condition about 2 years ago. I don't know what the actual market price for these is but I wouldn't expect to get any more than half of what a new one costs. Yours looks a bit rough although I'm sure it sounds killer. Those die-cast hoops might add some value as well.
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Default Re: Supra vintage info please
+1 to K.O.! Yep, that's a 5 x 14 Bronze Hammered Shell (LB550K)

Totally agree it's tough to identified the exact date on this particular snare (even more with the serious inconsistencies on Ludwig serial number policies!!), BUT according some points (badge position, etc) I.M.H.O., this could be a ´85/`86 or even ´87 (Sure Not younger than 89, when, as far as I know Ludwig stopped the internal muffler).

Definitely, the strainer is an early version of P85 (12 holes and small round knob) wich belongs to the early 70`s.

Also those die cast hoops are earlier than the shell. (Btw, these are valuable and very sought after hoops).

By the other hand, the due the overall condition of the shell & badge (not much more than fair), I guess, nowadays, you wouldn't expect much more than +- $300/350.

Anyway. let the experts chime on!

Best regards!!!

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A bunch of Ludwig snares..... + Dyna & P.Tone.

and always trying to recover some orphan drums!!

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