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Default '65 Acrolite w/ case, WFL P83 Strainer!
Got an interesting one here to offer up.

1965 Acrolite (Keystone, #199630) w/ '60's Keystone Butt Plate, baseball bat muffler, and WFL P83 Strainer. For a drum that's going to be 50 next year, it's in good shape. Not mint, but still sounds great.

There was a little bit of rust on the hoops that I was able to clean off and there is some pitting on the bow tie lugs, but for the most part the drum is surprisingly pit free; however, it does have some scratches. I've done my best to take pictures to show them, and they truly look worse with the flash on the camera than they are in person, but I want to represent it honestly. 98% of the scratches are light and on the surface, but there are a couple that are a little deeper. They're not gauged super deep, but it's been dropped a few times.

I know that those WFL strainers are difficult to come by, so let me know what you think of the drum. Also comes with the green Ludwig case w/ Yellow Badge and a WFL flat based snare stand. I'm the middle of Missouri, so I'm going to venture a guess that shipping will run around $30 or so regardless of location. Seems to be a little more expense to go down South, so if you're interested I can get an estimate before we go any ****her. Thanks!
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Default Re: '65 Acrolite w/ case, WFL P83 Strainer!
How much are you looking to get...?
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Default Re: '65 Acrolite w/ case, WFL P83 Strainer!
I listed it on eBay with a reserve of $200. I've seen the snares (under the Completed Listings) category go in the $150/$200 range, and around $250 with the case/stand. I'm a little unsure what to ask because I know that there is a bit of a demand for the WFL P83 strainer.

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