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Default FS/FT Istanbul Agop Cymbals - Make offers
hello there i have istanbul agop cymbals that i would love to sell or trade

i would preferably like to trade a batch of them for a nice vintage ludwig kit let me know what you have to offer $$ or drums.. thanks!

ps. i don't know the exact weights on these cymbals but coming from playing mostly zildjian k's, k customs and k constantinoples, these are all very much on the lighter side! fantastic and versatile cymbals!

1. Istanbul agop 20" traditional original ride with top logos removed
- excellent condition
- a few small scratches from orchestral brush work gone wrong but only a surface scratch, really does not affect sound in a negative way and is hardly noticeable when playing (but if the thought/sight of it bugs you, i understand! lol)
- excellent condition other than that ^^ no cracks/keyhole

2. Istanbul agop 21" traditional dark ride with top logos removed
- drilled for 2 rivets
- excellent condition. no cracks/keyhole

3. Istanbul agop 22" traditional original ride
- purchased new june 2013
- all logos in tact, just stick marks - i can clean if you'd like
- excellent condition. no cracks/keyhole

4. Istanbul agop signature hi hats 14"
- purchased new may 2013
- all logos in tact, stick marks barely visible due to the finish of this cymbal
- excellent condition. no cracks/keyhole

sorry i'm not posting pics at this time..will post ASAP, just wanted to create the thread while i had the time!

Also not listing prices to get best REASONABLE offers. thank you

ps - this is my first thread EVER in any online forum. bear with me as i learn what details to include (or leave out for that matter)
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Default Re: FS/FT Istanbul Agop Cymbals - Make offers
to VDF!

Great cymbals! Hope you find a dance partner shortly. Hang in there, somebody will come along.

Too many great drums to list here!

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Default Re: FS/FT Istanbul Agop Cymbals - Make offers
thank you Purdie_Shuffle !

agop , istanbul , istanbulagop , sale , trade

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