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Default Club date floor tom leg bracket PLATE!
Hi there, I’ve been searching and can’t seem to find answers to this specific question—if this is covered in another thread, please let me know.

I think I’ve noticed that most 14x14 Ludwig Club Date floor toms do NOT have a “mounting plate” between the spring leg bracket and the shell, but…some do. Not sure if I’m using any of the right terminology, but see pics for what I’m talking about. Was this bracket backing plate “standard” in some years but not others? Or a chrome vs nickel hardware thing? Or something else?

My personal example in front of me now is a red sparkle 1965 with NO backing plate, and a 1968 black/gold painted Duco WITH a backing plate. I’ve never seen this backing plate before, so I started searching.

Thanks to anyone who can help!
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Default Re: Club date floor tom leg bracket PLATE!
My first drum set was a Ludwig club date I bought new at the music shop where I took drum lessons from a drummer who studied with Gene Krupa. I bought it just before Christmas 1965 and it did not have the plates you speak of. I the shells were date stamped Oct 1965. The set sat on the shelf for a few months till I bought it. Earlier that summer I placed an order for a four piece Super Classic in sky blue pearl. Due to the Beatlemania inspired interest in Ludwig, demand caused delays in deliveries and I finally got tired of waiting and bought the club date which was silver sparkle. The Super Classic came in about a month later and I forever wished I had waited. I played them for six years and then switched to Rogers.

I was not a fan of the straight legs and the spring loaded lock so later on I switched to the solid bracket and curved legs.
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Default Re: Club date floor tom leg bracket PLATE!
It looks like it might be the same plate that they mount under the four screw rail mount?
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Default Re: Club date floor tom leg bracket PLATE!
The Ludwig 67b drum outfits catalog does not show the plates.
I also pulled out old pictures of my club date I bought in Dec '65 and verified that my FT did not have the back plate. The photo is dated Oct 67. I will try to digitize a couple photos and post if successful. I have one photo that I've always liked because the silver sparkle shows extremely well from the camera's flash. I bought the Ludwig direct pull hi-hat and speed king pedal with the set 'cause I felt they were the best Ludwig had at the time along with the flat base cymbal stands. It had the Acrolite snare which I bought months prior to the rest of the set as I earned the money.

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