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Default Restoration Complete: 1965 Downbeat in Sparkling Burgundy Pearl
Hi all
Thought I would share this treasure I was able to acquire here in SoCal. I bought this kit from a fellow drummer in town. I actually gave him 100 dollars more than what he was asking & I think you all know why. It's an ALMOST matched kit (BD & Tom dated May 26 1965, FT April 26 1965). A VERY nice players kit with much potential as it's seen many gigs already & that's exactly what my intention is. These drums had some issues that were beyond what I could do at home: seam lift. But I was not going to let just anyone repair this treasure I now owned. So I called up the one person I know with the knowledge, skill & passion for these vintage drums: Uli Salazar of The Damen Drum Company in Chicago. Uli not only fixed the seam lift issues, but brought the tom & FT back to original condition. They look amazing. Uli treats your drums like they are his drums & that speaks volumes to me. He has the passion as we all do. I was able to complete the bass drum myself with lots of TCL. Words cannot express my gratitide to Uli for I now own a rare kit that has been crossed off the bucket list and is once again like new. One day I'll have my own shop set up (I live in a condo in the city of SD) so if you are in my shoes, I highly recommend Uli's work. Cheers!
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Default Re: Restoration Complete: 1965 Downbeat in Sparkling Burgundy Pearl
Mildly put.......WOW!!!! Incredible and stunning! Very nice job. On my list as well.
Thanks for sharing,

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