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Post B20 by sabian 20" chinese
Hi there, this is my first post as a new member in the forum, and have quite a few questions to ask, starting with this one!

I have recently inherited my late uncles drum gear. I was told he was a popular jazz drummer in his time (in our local area), and also played as a snare drummer in the army. having passed away in the early 80's, all of this gear has been hidden away in storage, only for us to find it a couple months ago.

included in the cymbals i have, is a 20" Chinese, with the only labelling saying B20 by sabian, 20" cm.50 chinese.
nowhere on the cymbal can i find the brand tosco written, which is where id like to ask if anyone have any more information, as the only info i can find so far is involving sabian buying the italian company tosco, later furthering production in canada, with lower quality cymbals.

any help would be much appreciated and i will upload pictures as soon as possible. thanks
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Default Re: B20 by sabian 20" chinese
here is a pic of the cymbal.
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Default Re: B20 by sabian 20" chinese
According to the Cymbal Book, by Hugo Pinksterboer, page 153, Sabian carried a line of Tosco cymbals called B20 in the early 80's. That all it indicates.

Here is a link related to a non definitive discussion with regard to Sabian and Tosco, followed by a video of a pair of B20 series hats.


[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdNskGGXTck"]Used Tosco 14" B20 Hi Hat Cymbal by Sabian (UTOSB20-1060412B) - YouTube[/ame]

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Default Re: B20 by sabian 20" chinese
B20 by Sabian, as opposed to many of the "Tosco by Sabian" cymbals made later in the 80s, were a pro cymbal line. Tosco made these for Sabian under contract before the Zildjian settlement that awarded the Canadian factory to Robert Zildjian and his newly formed Sabian cymbals. So basically, these were the first cymbals to ever say Sabian on them.

Do you like it?

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