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Default Re: Ed Shaughnessy ,G K sets on auction
IÀM thinking both set's were there personal sets the ES set had cases stick bag
IÀM going to say Yes it was his set.
The GK SET was more that likely his personal set also going by the bass drum head on the front.
IÀM also think with all that yard art items maybe the person worked in Hollywood movie industry the so called yard art could have been movie props.
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Default Re: Ed Shaughnessy ,G K sets on auction
I also was able to find the location on Google maps. I even found a couple of stories about the auction and the owner of that house moving into assisted living, hence the auction. The news story said his name was Craig Swope. I didn't see any mention of him anywhere. If he had been in the TV and movie business, he would most likely show up in IMDB because anybody who is on any film crew will be listed. I found no mention of him in any drum forums either. Maybe someone will recognize his name or he may have been an anonymous collector.



The house was a local attraction apparently and if you "drive" to the side street in street view, you can see a bunch more. Apparently he switched them out from time to time. It was even listed at one time on the Roadsideamerica.com web site as the Yard Statue Zoo.


If you look at all of the other items for sale, the guy seems to have had a pretty eclectic taste. The lawn art was just what everyone knew about. Who would have thought that all of those vintage and potentionally significant drums were there.

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Default Re: Ed Shaughnessy ,G K sets on auction
I knew Craig Swope. He was a bit loony and collected some high end drums in the day, about 20 years back. He owned an original Triumphal among other drums. His gear was usually legit and he only collected expensive stuff! If he owned the drums, congratulations, you scored!!!!
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Default Re: Ed Shaughnessy ,G K sets on auction
Interesting. Based on those auction pictures, it looks like he didn't do a good job storing most of his drums. There was a picture in one of the auction lots of a large pile of drum cases in a heap in the background. Much more than the small lot of cases that they sold. I assume those were cases that were water damaged and they decided to pitch. The drums in the lot with the GK drums showed a lot of water damage to some of those Remo drums and those GK drums, the bass drum in particular, obviously suffered a lot of water damage.That is a shame.

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