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Default Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
Encountering the same thing. Very hit or miss. OK most of the time, then very slow or it times out.
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Default Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
Indeed … the site has been pretty bad since it started. Absolutely NO FAULT of David’s. He has done everything and beyond trying to get it to run right … but alas … still bad. I “try” to get on multiple times a day, and EVERY TIME it’s about a 30 second wait to load, IF it loads. Makes no difference whether I’m on my desk top PC or mobile … ALWAYS excruciatingly slow! Want to open a thread to comment? Wait again! … and that’s IF it opens. But in spite of all that, I check in on everything every day .. still .. ya, it can be brutal!

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Default Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
Yes it took me over a minute to get this far. Everything is super slow.
"God is dead." -Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead." -God
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Default Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
So Tommy, is there a plan to do anything else about this? Perhaps bring in some outside help? I know there is a cost associated with that, above and beyond what running the site costs, but I suspect it would only take a few hours of consulting time to at least diagnose the problem for someone who specializes in hosting forums on this platform. I suspect members would pitch in to help cover the cost, if a plan were put forward.

As it is now, as an outsider, there doesn't appear to be any urgency to get this fixed. I'm not saying that is the actual case, because I know David has been working on this, but from a user standpoint, the problem persists and that can easily cause that perception.
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Default Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
Tommy, I echo the fact that things are moving very slowly here lately. It's maddening, as we've all gotten used to lightning fast websites. This isn't one of them! LOL.
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Default Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
Yup!, and I agree with you all. A fine example is the fact that I waited 25 seconds .. I timed it! .. for this thread to open from the moment I clicked on it. It’s pretty brutal. David is absolutely aware, and we chat a couple times a month. He has the “IT guy” that built the site trying to get a bead on WTF is going on. Correct me if I’m wrong .. but .. most are NOT visiting as much as it’s such a PITA to deal with … let alone create a post or even comment on a post. Not sure if it’s a monetary issue .. thin shell .. or what. I’ll ask David next time we chat. And ya, we are all used to very fast site/page loading .. drum Bob .. and that is certainly not the case here. We shall persevere! I’ll let you know what transpires … if … I can get on the site!

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Default Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
Having been in IT for many years, I can tell you that David needs to find a different IT guy to get this fixed. No disrespect meant to the the current person. That is just a fact. I wish that this were something that I had the skills to fix because I would be glad to help, but I don't. IT means a lot of different things, and my skills lie elsewhere.
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Default Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
Sort of makes me nostalgic for those days of dial-up when you would log in and then go make a cup of coffee while waiting for connection.
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Default Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
Yep. Issues have been reported. It is beyond frustrating for me. There is no budget, so I'm at the mercy of what support I can get.
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Cool Re: Web Site Speed - Issues
I have just sent in my quarterly donation to the Forum...Hopefully, others will donate as well to help out...

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