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Default Istanbul K Zildjian 13" hats - Old 2B stamp
Here's a matched pair of Old 2B stamp Istanbul K 13" hats. They're in excellent shape, with nicely visible signatures and no cracks or keyholing. The stamp dates them to 1949-1950. The weights are 474g and 602g respectively.

I got these hats in 1994 along with my 1950s round badge kit, and I haven't touched them since. There's a little bit of green oxidization, along with some schmutz in a circular shape that leads to two streaks running down one side of the top hat. This should all come out with some rubbing, but I've left it alone so as not to disturb the patina.

Asking $550 US, including free shipping from Canada to anywhere in the Continental US or Canada. If you're elsewhere in the world, send me a PM and I'll look into shipping costs.

I'm having trouble uploading more than a couple of photos to VDF right now, so here's an album with full photos of both cymbals: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AWePomCzrAf4zw9G6

Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers!
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1950s Gretsch Name Band in Midnight Blue Pearl (13/16/22/14sn)
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