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Default Vintage Slingerland and Leedy Hardware
When I acquired my 1963 Leedy Shelly Manne drum set I did some shopping on eBay and other places on the Internet to find a period-correct bass drum pedal and hi hat stand. I already had a Slingerland pedal and stand from the same period. I also already had several snare drum stands and cymbal stands from that period that are the single-braced items that were made by Walberg & Auge or Camco for all drum brands. The Leedy models of the pedal and stand are the same as the Slingerland models except for the foot board that was unique to each brand. Here are pictures of the two brands next to each other. Please note that the Slingerland Tempo King hi hat in this picture is a more recent (early 70s?) heavier model that still used the same older foot board. I was too lazy to dig through my stash of old hardware to find the correct Slingerland model. But.......if I switch out the foot boards on the lighter weight pedal, I will have the period-correct Slingerland model. The 1963 Leedy drum set plays the way I fondly remember my drums feeling and sounding back when they were new. Please also note that, as much as I love the Tempo King hardware, I still also love the vintage Rogers Swivomatic pedals and hi hats as shown in the picture of the drum set.
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