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Default Re: garage sale Rpgers Dynasonic help please
Originally Posted by Dan Boucher View Post
The folks above have steered you straight. Tommy P's document says it all with Dynasonics.

Being new to Rogers, and the Dynasonic in particular, you might enjoy this video where a comparison is made between it and the Rogers PowerTone. These were Rogers two top of the line snare drums. Though they are both wooden shell models in this demo, I think it captures the elements that distinguish the two. The PowerTone has a more open sound that would tend to project further in most cases - thus the name. The Dynasonic is a more controlled sound and somewhat more crisp. Both have their place, but do have a different sound.

The primary designer, Joe Thompson, put a lot of thought into that drum including the use of the frame. It covers the element of tensioning the snares without choking the head (somewhat covered by the PowerTone too using a relatively shallow snare bed depth), but also provided protection for the snare wires themselves.

Enjoy the drum!
Nice video! That guy is pretty impressive. I didn't catch who he is.
I can't wait to get this drum back together and see how it compares to my existing drums. You can't have too many snare drums I always say!

Thanks Dan
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I know there's more snares than that.
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Default Re: garage sale Rpgers Dynasonic help please
The dyna is a unique bird in that the snare frame can be very tweaky to dial in.
A lot of used dynas are missing frames because the owners just said screw it and used regular snares.
I've gone both ways.
By using fat cat pitched snares and a Remo zero collar bottom snare head,the results can be quite satisfying.
[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2NgnalJ38Y&ab_channel=cpu554"]Rogers Dynasonic Big R part 2 - YouTube[/ame]
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Default Re: garage sale Rpgers Dynasonic help please
Nice drum and a great find....but I'm going to play Devil's Advocate and say that I absolutely could NOT get my Dynasonic to sound or feel good when I owned one back in the 70's. I must have sat for hours, days, trying to adjust it and adjust it -every combination I could do....with no good results.

By comparison, my friend's Supra ALWAYS sounded great and felt great to play. After a few years of messing and messing with the Dyna, I sold it and half of my Big R kit for $700 (back in 1991)....I never missed that Dyna -not a single tear was shed over not having it...no regrets. For me, the whole snare frame thing was a solution to a non-existent problem. If anything, that frame created more problems than it solved. But, as always, "To each, his own!"
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"Nietzsche is dead." -God

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