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Default Re: Sonor Teardrop help and parts!
Originally Posted by DavidCThornton View Post
I am new to the forum. I have an early 60's Sonor Teardrop kit & I have been looking for 8 x t-rods & claws for a 22" bass drum. Can anyone help or send me in the right direction? I have been searching for weeks. Found some & ebay & someone out bid me while I was a sleep. It was not a nice way to wake up this morning.
The best to all & thank you.
Hey David! to the forum!

The best advice I can give is to check out http://www.sonormuseum.com
If you aren't already on there, that is a great place to be.
All of the guys there (and here) helped me a lot while I was working on my kit. I also noticed they all seem to have a lot of spare parts they might be willing to sell.
Best of luck!

parts , sonor , teardrop

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