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Default New Slingerland find
Hey all,

Can anyone give me their thoughts on this Slingy kit? Seller claims it is a 'radio king' kit and that all shells are solid one-ply stem-bent. 24/13/14/16/18 with matching snare.

Kit has some inconsistencies - the 14" tom badge is on the "inside", and the 18" floor tom appears to have no re-rings but the others do.

Did Slingerland actually make one-ply RK kits in this era? I can't tell from the pics if they really are single ply.

They are a 3 hour drive from me, so I don't really want to make the drive unless I'm pretty sure I want them.
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Default Re: New Slingerland find
The kit isn't a radio king kit. they were no longer made during this time period. this kit is a 61N classic rock set the 18" floor tom is a 5 ply shell.
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Default Re: New Slingerland find
Not that it really applies to this kit anyway but Slingerland did market sets under the Radio King name...but only the snare drums had the one ply shell. The others were standard 3 ply.
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Default Re: New Slingerland find
I bet they sound great!
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Default Re: New Slingerland find
Looks like a re-lacquer job. The badge has lacquer on top of it. There is a chance the set is a "frankenstein" set. That's when you put together a set out of orphan pieces and then peel them off their original finishes and re-lacquer them to make them match. It is not a Radio King and you shouldn't pay much for it. (About 50% or 60% of what you should pay for a legit set)

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