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Default Yamaha Power V Special DOUBLEBASS THUNDERKIT!!
Check out this flawless vintage MIJ Yamaha Power V Special Thunderkit!! Lots of similar options on my site, but this Yamaha is AWESOME!!

Up for grabs is a vintage, epic, and AWESOME Yamaha Power V special 7-piece drum set. This kit is MINT!! When I say mint, I mean MINTy!! Upgraded Evans heads top and bottom. Straight from the 80's, this hair metal tribute kit is FANTASTIC!! Comes with 10", 12", 13", 16", 2 x 22" bass drums, and a 14" steel snare. All hardware old-school and heavy duty Yamaha. THUNDERKIT!! Cymbals are matched and amazing including 22" Ride, 18" Rock crash, 16" and 14" Thin crashes and A Custom hats.

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