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Default Ludwig B/O Green Sparkle Jazzfest on ebay
Has anyone seen a b/o green sparkle jazzfest recently??
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Default Re: Ludwig B/O Green Sparkle Jazzfest on ebay
Hello Sjc...and to the forum!

Thanks for that link. I've been saving drum pictures from the internet for a long time now, usually from eBay. I've got dozens of really nice Jazz Festival downloads, but only ONE in Green Sparkle! The pictured JF sold for $699 back December, 2011.

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Default Re: Ludwig B/O Green Sparkle Jazzfest on ebay
You don't see one of those everyday. Looks very nice. B/O badged Jazz Festivals seem somewhat rare in any color. Not impossible to find but it sure seems like by 1969 interest in having a matching wood snare in favor of a metal snare must have dropped because you just don't see that many of them. Another indication that sales must have been slow is that a Ludwig eventually dropped the JF model completely.
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Cool Re: Ludwig B/O Green Sparkle Jazzfest on ebay
Listing info for future reference:

Up for grabs is by far the cleanest 8 lug 14x5 green sparkle jazzfest I’ve seen available in my time collecting.

This green sparkle wrap is notorious for yellowing and lightening up but thanks to being stored in the original hardcase since the late 70’s there is 0 fade to speak of. See the photo without hardware**

The drum overall in beautiful condition with no real wrap damage to note. Each panel is the consistent vibrant green that is so sought after yet impossible to find. Seam shows some dark glue residue and very slight lifting (see photo). It’s a super easy fix just never bugged me. Hardware shows very minor pitting but has been nothing more than lightly cleaned with some warm water/dawn and a cloth.

Drum comes with both factory original heads and wires. The batter head does have a small split but is original to the drum. Wires are the traditional script Ludwig. Throw functions as it should.

Interior is unaltered and totally original granitone covering the 3 ply shell. Grommet is unmolested and hasn’t been touched. Edges are factory and excellent.

If you have any other questions or would like some additional photos please reach out. International buyers please reach out for a quote.

1976 Ludwig Mach 4 Thermogloss 26-18-14-14sn
1978 Ludwig Stainless 22-22-18-16-14-13-12 c/w 6-8-10-12-13-14-15-16-18-20-22-24 concert toms
1975 Sonor Phonic Centennials Metallic Pewter 22-16-13-12-14sn (D506)
1971 Ludwig Classic Bowling Ball OBP 22-16-14-13
1960's Stewart Peacock Pearl 20-16-12-14sn
1980`s Ludwig Coliseum Piano Black 8x14 snare
1973 Rogers Superten 5x14 & 6.5x14 COS snares
1970`s John Grey Capri Aquamarine Sparkle 5x14 snare
1941 Ludwig & Ludwig Super 8x14 snare

1970’s , green sparkle , jazzfest , ludwig , snare

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