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Old 01-24-2007, 12:38 AM
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Default 3-Ply 12-in Tom - Gretsch?

OK - a few of you may have seen this drum on eBay recently. It sold for slightly over $100. One head is clear and the other has red spray-paint.
One muffler and the badge & tack are gone. All remaining harware is Gretsch. After I stripped off the green-gray house paint (no wrap under it) and what looked like a white primer coat of paint, I found a dark mahogany outter ply!

1. Does anyone know if Gretsch used anything but maple of the plys for their toms?
2. Do you suppose it had a wrap on it, or could the mahonany wood have the finished look?
3. Is it possible this is not a Gretsch shell?

Yes, there's a hole that punches thru to the inside of the shell where the tack & badge may have been.
Yes, the inside is painted silver over a maple ply.
No, there's no paper lable.
Yes, the bevel edge is rounded toward the outside of the drum


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