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Default Vintage Pearl Chrome on Maple 14x6,5 Monster Snare Drum 1982-1984
Hey Peeps, this is a lovely one !

Superb condition, very heavy duty.

Both side throw off can be fine tuned.

Professional instrument, lacquered maple shell.

Very heavy! Very pro!! Very rare.

All original parts, die cast hoops.

Please inspect pictures.

This is sounding way better than any new DW or NC snare, no offense here but it really does an why? Because there are no overtones, no extra snare buzzes. Straight clean sound and you can refine this on each side at the throw off's.

Inside sticker says that a person inspected by hand, stamped, and signed this off in Japan at the Pearl factory in early 1980s.

This is the kind of drum you might hear under the hand of many drummers including Phil Collins hand if I am not mistaken...( not a chrome on wood version tho)

You buy this for a life time, think about it!-------->>>> £249.00 plus shipping (approx 36 GBP, its very HEAVY!)
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