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Default 1968 Dynasonic parts needed!
​Hello all,

I've not been on the forum for a long time, but my interest in vintage/antique snares has piqued a bit in recent months. I have an oval-badge 14x5 COB Rogers Dynasonic, with original strainer/butt and internal dampner, s/n# 15XXX (1968, I believe?). I am interested in original hoops (batter and snareside), as well as a completed snare rail / frame (original or repro). I can go with the Puresound wires, no issue there, and some original tension rods would be the icing on the cake, though not paramount to this project. I just want to restore this drum as-close-as-possible to it's original visual and sonic beauty for my own, I do not plan to re-sell.

When I bought this drum in 1997, the hoops were trashed and frame was missing...I know, sad, common story, right? If any of you fine folks happen to know where/who I can acquire these items, please point me in the right direction...I can be reached at a.davidson.iv@gmail.com. I've done some searching around the web, and continue to come up empty.

Additionally, I am willing to trade the hoops in the photo for some/all of these requested items (negotiable, depending on the offer). These batter/snareside hoops are 14" 10-lug, segment birdseye maple, shaped to approximate a die cast hoop, purchased from Stellar Drums and Hoops. I purchased these for about $220 a while back, and just never used them. Again, please contact at the email above as applicable. Thanks for looking, drum on

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