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Default Yamaha SD-055M Snare
Hi there, amateur beginning drummer, so don't really know what I'm talking about.

Recently returned from a job in Japan, while I was there I bought an old snare drum from a jazz cafe owner for about $200. He said it was a special model(?) I'm back in the U.S. and not sure I'm gonna keep it, so I tried to find info on Google based on the model number plate, but came up with nothing. Does anyone know this model and how much I should sell it for?

Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: Yamaha SD-055M Snare



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Default Re: Yamaha SD-055M Snare
$120, if you're lucky

steel snares don't have a high demand here
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Default Re: Yamaha SD-055M Snare
True on the value here. However, it should be a great sounding snare though, and a 10-lug instrument with that strainer system is certainly a cool find. I have a late 80s 8 lug steel Yamaha with a 6 1/2 depth and it sounds dynamite - lots of projection with a wide tuning range.
Ohio Valley
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Default Re: Yamaha SD-055M Snare
I had a wood Yammie with that system and it sucked.
Almost impossible to tune.
Reminds me of the Tama ImperialStar Kingbeat vs the ImperialStar Powerline.
The Powerline although cheaper to buy originally,nowgoes for about a $100 more used .

japan , snare , vintage , yamaha

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