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Default 1930s Beverley Dual Parallel Action Brass 14" x 6" Snare Drum
This originally started out as a Beverley Dual Action Snare Drum from the 1930s.

Over the years, as the lugs from the original snare were weak and not made to last, it has had the later Beverley Cosmic 21 Lugs put on in place of the early lugs. It has also the other components of the drum removed, but still kept, to make it into a more practical snare and does fit modern 14" heads.

The original parts have been kept with the snare drum and are included in this sale, please see photos, however I am unsure if all the parts are all still there, I know there are definitely lugs and imperial sized tension rods along with the original hoops.

The snare works perfectly as is, the throw comes on and off as it should.

I have seen someone on a drum forum who had the original lugs recast and remade into more sturdy lasting ones, I can let you know if you wish where I found this.

The batter head, snare head, snare wire and square head tension rods are not included in the sale, I have just put it together to show it is a working snare drum.

I am sad to see this go as it is truly unique piece of history but needs must having just bought a VW Beetle.


I am welcome to offers as I am unsure of how much this is worth.

Email me on hello@jacobkirk.co.uk for anymore info, or offers?

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