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Default Set Of Bollero drums made by Pearl
[B]Set of late 60's Bollero drums which apparently were made by Pearl
The Tiger Eye wrap is very good and the Chrome is good Set is Complete with all hardware ....

The bass drum has extra mahogany support stip in bottom to act as extra support of spur mounts, Snare drum has a support plate inside shell for throw off.also finish crack near throw-off mount , snare drum bottom head has small tear...other than that the kit is perfect I can supply good pics of these minor irregularities These were all done by the original owner that I purchased the drums from

Sizes Bass drum 22 x 14 8 lug
Rack tom 13 x 9 6 lug
Floor tom 16 x 16 7 lug { yes 7 is correct }
snare drum 14 x 5 8 lug

Selling for 500.00 plus shipping

call 250 763-8931 or direct email
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