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Default Re: Meet other members in person (CAN/US)
Never meet your heroes, you'll only be disappointed.
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Default Re: Meet other members in person (CAN/US)
Thank you very much for your replies!
...almost two weeks since we arrived in Northern America - great impressions and experiences so far!
Tomorrow's our last day in Chicago before we're headin' off to Oakland/San Francisco, where we will stay for one week (we actually changed our plans regarding LA - too long distance for the short time).
From August 19th we will spend the last week of our holidays in Vancouver.
Would love to meet any of you fellow members who live in these areas.
If interested, please let me know.
Thank you!

Wayne, Gary - sorry we didn't make it this time, but we will be back for sure! We liked it so much that it definitely won't be the last time we've been here!

Greets, Jurgen
Jazz is not dead - it just smells funny! FZ

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