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Default Re: As you check into the "new" old forum
Originally Posted by mchair303 View Post
Yah, Tommy, we all know who's responsible, and we're grateful.

Already bought my tickets for March 2 at the Infinity. Fred and I will see you there!


I was 'jes funnin' with ya! Truth be told though, David and I wanted to return to the ORIGINAL FORMAT if at all possible after the initial upgrade to vB5.0... and that is ultimately what we were able to do! GLAD everyone is enjoying the return!

I'll look forward to seeing you guys then! Interestingly, we just got word from the agency that we are also booked into "The Kate" ( Katherine Hepburn Theater ) in Old Saybrook, plus all the other dates coming in for 2014. The winter months are slow though, what with the horrible weather/conditions etc. Is it spring yet?! <smile>


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