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whorwood whorwood is offline
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Default Buyer Beware
A few months ago I placed a wanted ad on this forum, I got a response that a (so called) member was at another members place and said he had what I was looking for here is his email address. I contacted the person he said he had what I was looking for, I asked for some pictures which he supplied and a price.
It all seemed legitimate, this wasn’t my first time buying something from a member. He said to send a paypal payment and he would ship right away.
He asked me to send it as a friend payment (more on this later)
The email I sent the PayPal payment to failed and he sent me back the payment and asked me to resend with a different email. This didn’t seem right, I refused to send again, I got multiple emails from this person basically begging me to send the payment, I didn’t and it was a fraud ! I found out later that sending a payment as a friend gives you no recourse if it’s a fraud ! Since that incident I’ve received more private messages and emails. I was lucky the payment didn’t go thru. It’s so unfortunate that people are so dishonest.
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Default Re: Buyer Beware
Lucky for you it didn't go through!

NEVER go outside of the forum for transactions. The moment someone asks you to use a different email to communicate, this is a big RED FLAG and DO NOT pursue it any further.
Old 09-15-2023, 07:27 PM
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Default Re: Buyer Beware
And definitely never use the friend option with paypal. I have only done it one time with someone who I really knew but would never do it again. Work something out on the paypal fees like splitting them.
Old 09-16-2023, 06:45 AM
whorwood whorwood is offline
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Default Re: Buyer Beware
After the first PayPal failed I asked him for his first and last name, phone number and where he was located, which he wouldn’t give me. I knew then that something was up.
Old 09-20-2023, 01:39 AM
latzanimal latzanimal is offline
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Default Re: Buyer Beware
I cover the PP fees if the seller insists on F&F. Better to spend a couple extra bucks to know I am covered...

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