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Old 08-19-2020, 05:26 PM
Marty Black Marty Black is offline
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Default "English Rogers" website - very interesting!

Hi guys,

Although I know nothing about Rogers drums - never having owned one - I've enjoyed the recent thread, re: the Powertone snare drum. And I've always been curious about the so-called "English Rogers" kits. During the British Invasion days, I thought that Dave Clark was the coolest looking drummer - sitting high on his throne - with his unique double-mounted tom Red Sparkle kit.

Anyhow, I stumbled upon this website:
Forgive me if this is already well known to Rogers buffs, but I found the information fascinating.

Use the pull-down menu of "Endorsees" to Dave Clark, the DC-5 Diary, and The One Million (English Pounds) drum kit. A ton of photos and minutia on Dave's drums and hardware, especially the custom mounts for his two toms. The collet plates were uniquely positioned, much different from the 1967 "Londoner" kits that were sold in the U.S.

Incredibly, Dave Clark gave away this unique 1963 kit in a Radio London contest in 1966, and the kit has recently undergone a complete restoration by its current owner.

Anyhow, Rogers buffs can really geek-out on all the information on this website. Enjoy! MB
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Old 08-20-2020, 03:33 AM
Delorso Delorso is online now
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Default Re: "English Rogers" website - very interesting!

I've been going through this site more tonight. So much great stuff, especially for someone like me who knows very little about English Rogers. And the DC5 section is fantastic; love seeing all his various configurations. Whoever runs this site is doing an excellent, and incredibly thorough job. Thanks again for posting this!
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