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Default Vintage 15" Zildjian, help identify?
Hi All,
Was wondering if you could help me identify this? It's a 15" vintage Zildjian with a Constantinople trademark, likely part of a hi-hat, thicker than my 90's New Beats. Having a hard time finding a similar one online for reference.... Thanks!
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Default Re: Vintage 15" Zildjian, help identify?
that's an old K Constantinople made in Turkey earlier than 1940 on back


have to click on page pictures if don't show up they're there just not there they open in another window (lol

no one- altho they make excellent bottom hi hat cymbals- care too much about old K Constantinoples- they were primitive compared to the old K Istanbul that were to follow. There are a few old K Constantinoples on Ebay at the moment no reserve and a Lot of bids

I would keep that as a 15" hi hat bottom as it will never let you down
.................................................. ......Joe

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