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Default MIJ Whitehall
I'm just putting feelers out there to see if anyone would be interested in a trade. This is a Whitehall kit in a tiger eye finish. These were made by Pearl. They have re-rings and are well built. There's a few scuffs, but there are no extra holes.
I'm looking for another MIJ kit with a 13,16,22.
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Default Re: MIJ Whitehall
I have what you are looking for, its an early heavy Maxwin kit in your sizes. I dont need your kit, but would take it if you wished.
I could trade for other "stuff" in stead....My kit sounds quite remarkable

check the trade section, if you want pics i can send
Hit like you mean it!!

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Default Re: MIJ Whitehall
Damn dude, post those on Vintage Japanese Drums / Discuss Buy Sell Trade on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/902035273255789 those guys will go nuts over those. You will get real money there. I sell MIJ kits there all the time, those 12,14,20s are seriously all the rage right now.
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Default Re: MIJ Whitehall
Yes, put them up on FB Marketplace. I scored a little MIJ jazz kit in December with an 18" BD, 12" and 14" toms in sky blue pearl, and they sold in 20 MINUTES on FB Marketplace, and I had at least ten inquiries within an hour or two.

A rare wrap in very desirable sizes is what you have. NOBODY buys anything on this forum. I speak from experience. What a bunch of tightwads here. Use FBM. Much better response.
'23 DW Collector's, Black Galaxy: 13/16/18/22/14 sn.
'01 DW Collector's, Oyster White: 8/10/12/14/16/22.
'23 PDP Concept Maple, Seafoam: 10,12,14,20.
'72 Slingerland Red Tiger Pearl: 12/13/16/16/22.
'69 Rogers Holiday, Red Onyx: 12/13/16/24
'67 Ludwig Burgundy Sparkle: 12/13/16/22.
'70-ish Ludwig Std, Burgundy Oyster: 13/16/22.
'69-ish MIJ Drum Mate: Peacock Pearl: 13/16/22.
Too many snares to list!

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