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Default Was Cadillac Green really Chevrolet Channel Green?
I never completed my Gretsch set as a Cadillac Green set because I never saw that green as the same hue or shade as the pictures that I've seen of Birdland drums. There are several different shades of Cadillac Green used over the years, but none were as good as the original color. I just saw a guitar finished in Chevy Channel Green, and to me it looks spot on. What do you CG lovers think?
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Default Re: Was Cadillac Green really Chevrolet Channel Green?
The pick up truck looks a little too "Army" green to me .

How about just a Gretsch Guitar's shade..

or 50s Cadillac (car itself

I'd add Cadillac Green may have been more than an Army green a "Forest" green..little prettier than army. more leafy green..
.................................................. ......Joe

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