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Default Martin Chambers/Steve Jordan.
I'm playing in a The Pretenders tribute band called "Viva El Amor".Here in Melbourne,Victoria, Australia.What i'd like&need to know is: WHAT size/model/series&brand china cymbal did Martin Chambers use in the song "Middle of The Road"?,
&What size/type/brand/model snare drum did Steve Jordan use on The Pretenders song " Don't Get Me Wrong"?,
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Default Re: Martin Chambers/Steve Jordan.
First off,playing in a pretenders tribute sounds like a fun gig,lots of cool grooves to play imo.

As far as what snare Steve played,he has been known to use a lot of pre 80`s vintage gear,I know early on he used an Eames Master Model snare,usually tuned pretty high.I seem to remember him in few Brady adds in the early 90's.He may have been a Yamaha endorser by the 80`s.I think the possibilities of what he has recorded with could be endless.

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