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Default Premier help!
Hi folks.
I have a chance to buy these Premiers at a good price.
The seller calls them "power beats" and says they are all Mahogany with the Beech re-rings.
They have been re-wrapped, but they look really cool to me. Not overly pleased with the 13 and 14" rack toms, but I would probably only use the 13/16/22 combo anyway.
Just the bass drum spurs have been updated. Not sure if the bass drum "T" handles are correct either.
I just had not seen the seperate tom and bass drum lugs before on a vintage Premier.
Any info you could supply would be great
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Default Re: Premier help!
This range of drums was called the '6000' series and marketed only in the USA, elsewhere they were badged as Beverley drums. I'm not sure if the 6162 T-rods are correct, they are Premier and it is likely they were factory fitted.
Premier spare parts

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