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Default 60s Rogers Wood Dynasonic 5x14" Snare Drum in White Marine Pearl
Asking $1300 shipped on the east coast, $1350 to the west coast.

A re-wrapped WMP original 1968/69*wood Rogers Dynasonic.

Latter era bottom hoop/snare rail.

Small ply gap in a bit of re-ring (drum key provided for reference).

I took the chance for edge inspection to also re-head the snare with new Aquarian heads:

Batter - Modern Vintage thin (a la the Remo Diplomat feel), I only use this for jazz/light playing and want to experience the articulation that a Dynasonic provides.

Reso - Classic Clear

Happy to change the heads back to Remo Ambassador / clear reso that it came with when purchased.

Of note - the only other non-original parts on the inside I noticed are the 3 x nails for the badge (bent in the same spot as the original indentations) and the two bolts holding on the buttplate - pics provided for reference.

Lastly, there does seem to be a bit of rub on the lug closest to the script badge (pictures). All lugs do have some slight oxidation typical of vintage snares.

More pictures on Reverb: https://reverb.com/item/54036882-60s...ntent=54036882

Posted on DFO as well for sale or trade (@Saranacjack on DFO)
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