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Thumbs down Slingerland serial number starting point?
Do any of the Slingerland experts know what number was the starting point of the serial numbers? I have seen four, five and six digit numbers. Are there two and three digit serial numbers out there? Did Slingerland start their serial numbers at 1, 10, 100 or 1000? Thanks for your input.
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Default Re: Slingerland serial number starting point?
Hi Slingerfan!

I'm not aware of 2 and 3 digit serial numbers. You can use this link to learn more about Slingerland serial numbers... http://www.vintagedrumguide.com/drcj...ers_page1.html

Serial numbers began with 4 digits, in late 1962, so it might be SAFE to assume that the first one was 1001, which were stamped on the Black/Brass Niles badges. If you follow the article, you see that there was a change to Black/Silver badges and the serial numbers were reset, again to most likely 1001. Hope this helps you out!

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Default Re: Slingerland serial number starting point?
Have never seen < 4 either. 60's Niles documented pretty well. Later not so much. Slingerland as all used whatever was in the bin at the time. Could be a later badge on an earlier shell or vis versa never know.

Hope others with more knowledge post.
Nothing special here but I like them.

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