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Default 1958 Slingerland Silver Veil
Was $625 a good deal for these:

Pretty decent shape.


The floor tom used to be a marching snare from the same year. I'm in the process of drilling and putting legs on it.
Came with original calfskin bass head, but broke during shipment. Should I trash it, or is it worth something?
Also, when the re-rings are seperating from the shell, what do you guys usually do to secure them? It's not very bad, I'm just worried.
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Default Re: 1958 Slingerland Silver Veil
Gettin them outta the grass might be a good step toward preservation.....
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Default Re: 1958 Slingerland Silver Veil
Half of what you paid was for the rarity of the wrap. I hope that the short rail mount is complete on bass drum and the mounted tom. With some love and restoration, those three drums will be worth a little bit more than what you paid for them and the rehab parts. If you luck into a matching 5"x 14" or 6.5" x 14" snare drum, you will have a $1200 drum set after spiffing them up.
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Default Re: 1958 Slingerland Silver Veil
Glue and clamps, plus a little knowledge, will make a world of difference in the delam. And Kevin right, get them out of the humidity.
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