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Default Re: Need Keystone 60s Ludwig. Will Trade Gretsch Catalina Maple
I have 3 gretsch Kits Catalina club 26-13-18 lookin to add a 16 in green sparkle, a catalina birch hollywood kit, and a blackhawk fusion kit. They all sound great with good heads on em. I rent em to Miller Pro Audio all the time.
Its crazy, but I get around $300 to rent a kit. A gig around here might pay $75-$100 to a drummer. All my vintage kits are cool, but the hardware on vintage kits pretty much sucks for gigging....I also have 2 tama, and a ludwig cs accent elite kit i rent. My 6 Vintage Luddy kits, 60's Sonar teardrop kit, and rogers script logo kit look cool and are worth what thier worth, But I make money off of these cheap kits... Go Figure lol
1960's SONOR 12-16-20-14 blue slate pearl
1968 LUDWIG 12-13-16-22-14Sky blue P
1972 LUDWIG 12-13-16-22-14BlueVistalite
1972 LUDWIG 12-13-16-22-(14 impostor)BlackPanther "SOLD"
1964 Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl 22-12-13-16-14Supra "SOLD"
1969 LUDWIG 12-13-16-22-14 Citrus Mod "SOLD"
1969 LUDWIG Sexto-Plus 8-1 0-12-13-14-15-16-20-20-14 Silver Sparkle
60's Majestic Delux 12-13-16-22-14 red pearl
2009 Homemade Kids 8-10-13-16-12 Orange Sparkle
24 kits, 80 Snares, 65 Cymbals
Don't tell my wife!

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