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Default Re: Someone Needs To Write The Definitive Book on 60's MIJ Drums
Your a author. Write it yourself! But to Sh*t on someone elses book is very Unprofessional. I own both books myself and yours is chuckfull of commen info nothing really light shedding.
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Default Re: Someone Needs To Write The Definitive Book on 60's MIJ Drums
I'm glad you have my book, and apologize if you think I sh** on that other book. I was extremely disappointed in its lack of detail and information. I expected much more. It was my honest opinion that it was a rush job, a mere listing of names with a little common information, which is something anyone here with a knowledge of MIJ drums could compile easily in one sitting.

He's supposedly revising it, so I'll wait and see what he does.

If you care to, check Frank Myers' book on the history of Japanese electric guitars. He did it right, as I mentioned earlier. It was everything a collector or player could want to know on the subject.

With my current schedule, I simply don't have time to do all the legwork necessary to write the kind of book I'd like to do. That's why I said, someone else needs to do it. Also, the monetary return would never equal the time and expense invested in writing an esoteric book that would sell only to a very small group of collectors. Unless you land on the NY Times Best Seller list, there is very little money to be made in writing books, unless you can do it cheaply, self-publish and market it.
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Default Re: Someone Needs To Write The Definitive Book on 60's MIJ Drums
Hi there,
I'd like to draw your kind attention to my web site about Star drums, being part of the era in request:
Just for anyone's information who has not stumbled across my web site before.

And yes: I would also recommend such a book about the 60's.
But I'm afraid, that the collectable information worldwide won't become any larger
anymore, besides what is available in the www up to today ...

Vintage STAR (= Pre-Tama) website: www.star-drums.de
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Default Re: Someone Needs To Write The Definitive Book on 60's MIJ Drums
Wow!! Hey guys I am just now finding these comments
Vacheslav and DrumBob Thank you both for the flattering endorsement.
I can say one thing about this. I could actually see myself involved in a project like this
But I would not care to be alone. It would have to be a collaborative effort and hypothetically as such, Marc Patch would be a must have collaborator. We both have learned a great deal about these funky little Mij kits. over the years from researching on the web to insights from an army of fellow forum and page members I hope that Marc may have picked up some knowledge from me, as I know I have from him. speaking for myself Much of my knowledge and confidence in what I am looking at, comes from being both lucky and insane enough to have gathered as many of these Mij drum kits, as I have. But still every so often something will show up that has me scratching my head like a first time forum member and saying "What the Heck is that???
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