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Default Tama Rockstar 6.5x14 lugs?

I just acquired a Gretsch Catalina Birch kit for next to nothing because it had severe water damage. I intended on restoring it if possible, but after further inspection, everything but the 10" tom was beyond repair and is now at the dump.

It came with an old 6.5x14 Tama Rockstar chrome snare (pictured) that's mostly junk (rusted hoops, mismatched broken lugs), but the shell looks salvageable. I plan to clean it up and get some replacement parts, but I'm having trouble finding lugs with the correct hole spacing. When I measured, the spacing was just shy of 2 inches, and I found a Tama diagram that has the spacing at 48.5mm, which appears correct for this drum.

Does anyone know of a drum parts place (online or otherwise) that has lugs with metric hole spacing? Sites like Drum Factory Direct, Drums For Sale, and Drum Maker all have imperial sizes, and the previous owner of this drum put some 2" Pearl lugs on it which don't fit well at all.
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