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Default Re: Vintage Sabian Cymbals

Alas it isn't all that clear about those Sabian III cymbals I'm afraid.

Tosco started in 1974. Robert Zildjian was involved from the beginning. The Luca Luciano book mentions that when Robert first became involved (pre split) he was considering Tosco as a manufacturer of second line cymbals for Zildjian. The situation changed after Robert split from Zildjian. Royalties of the name Tosco were sold to Robert who kept producing Tosco cymbals from 1982 to 1985 under the name Sabian B20 or Tosco by Sabian.

I suspect part of the change was that Robert was looking for a way to keep selling cymbals into the USA during the time when he wasn't allowed to sell Canadian produced ones under the terms of the split with Zildjian. But that's just a guess. Plus it took the Canadian plant a couple of years to get the furnaces and rolling mills going. Prior to the split all the casting and rolling was done in the USA and then they were shipped to Canada for the next stages. So having Tosco gave Robert a way to keep casting and rolling (and experimenting) during the hiatus. He was quite an innovator, and that means experimenting.

I've seen a picture of one of those Sabian III cymbals but neither of my main sources (The Cymbal Book Book by Hugo Pinksterboer; Italian Vintage Drums and Cymbals by Luca Luciano) mention the Sabian III.

Maybe somebody else will come up with something.
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