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Default Re: drum sale-bay area only
Very sorry to hear of your misfortune, but as you probably realize, it would help anyone interested to have better descriptions, sizes and photos of the drums. Perhaps you can get someone to take care of that for you during this difficult time.

In the meantime, I hope you have some relief and good news soon.
'01 DW Collector's, Oyster White: 8/10/12/14/16/22.
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'64 Slingerland: 13/16/20/22 (to be restored).
'65 Slinger/Leedy, Blue Sparkle: 12/14/20.
'67 Ludwig Burgundy Sparkle: 12/13/16/22.
'70-ish Ludwig Std, Burgundy Oyster: 13/16/22.
'69-ish MIJ Drum Mate, Peacock Pearl: 13/16/22.
'68-ish Tempo/Zim-Gar, Aqua Glass, 13/16/22/14 sn.

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