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Default Re: Another Delusional Ebay Seller
What I’ve been seeing lately is the prices are skyrocketing all over the place. And I noticed that some people , just buy because they want it. they pay ridiculous amounts of money some venders are selling drum sets for $35,000 plus . Doctors, lawyers, Any one with the doe re me , they don’t care , if they want it they pay the money,,,,….
April 2nd 1969 scarfed pink champagne holly wood and 65/66 downbeat snare, and , supra same year very minty kit old pies
66/67 downbeat with canister
Super 400 small round knob
1967 super classic obp

once the brass ceases to glitter, and the drum looses its luster, and the stage remains dark, all you have left is the timbre of family.

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