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Default Re: Wires for vintage COB Ludwig

Originally Posted by zenstat View Post
You make it sound like you have diagnosed some problem and decided it is caused by the width of the snares. If you tell us more about the problem itself, that might help focus the discussion. What is it about the Puresound 16s that isn't pleasing you?

I had trouble on my 1963 Jazz Festival (excessive sympathetic buzz) and eventually found a NOS set of 12 Strand Ludwig snares (still in the box). They aren't as sensitive as wider snare sets but they solve the sympathetic buzz problems I was having.

Yes I know the COB shell will be different from the Jazzfest, but I'm giving this as an example of a success with Ludwig 12 strand snares as well as a tradeoff which took place in getting to the solution.
I found the same thing with my Ludwig 30's NOB and 50's transitional wood snare.Seems the beds aren't that wide so I put those on and it took away that annoying buzz.It made the 30's NOB sound like a million bucks.My favorite snare of all time now.
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