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Default Ludwig or Slingerland 1960s or 70s Drum Kit

OK, I'm thinking I need one more kit (my 3rd) and I promised my better half that's it ... no more drum buying. I'm a 60s or 70s pop/rock music fanatic. I'm not exactly sure what I want yet. Maybe someone can convince me, but I already have a 60s sky blue pearl Ludwig club date set and a nice early-mid 1980s Ludwig Rocker kit (red). So I have those decades covered. Seems like I'm missing the 1970s, so.... 20/14/12 or so with matching snare would be ideal. Old, refurbished, etc., I'm not sure... Anyway, for those who wish to throw ideas at me go for it. Condition not a huge issue - I just love to play. I don't collect to let them sit around. Thanks for reading my ramble and have a good day
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