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Wink Re: Slingerland Copper Protection

Originally Posted by GuyStefan View Post
First, I'm new to this forum and the greeting tells me to go to the Introductions Forum, which I cannot locate. That being said I'll start here..

I currently own a five piece Slingerland Copper wrapped set, it has a fair amount of pitting and scuffing and having read a lot of posts already I realize I probably can only make them look a bit better, but I'll never be able to restore them to new, unless of course I win the lottery.

I also have a line on a pristine 14 piece set fo Copper wrapped Slingerlands that If I get them, I would like to be able to protect them more than the lacquer coating can. I'm wondering if it would deteriorate the value of the drums if I were to apply the 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film?

It's just a wild thought going through my head so I'm interested in some more knowledgeable opinions on this. They are such beautiful drums I want to do everything I can to preserve them and still be able to play them with the band as they were meant to be.

Glad to have found this forum and I hope to utilize it often.
I would contact 3M.....they have an 800 number and are located in Minnisota
Before I did anything callllllll them...
NOW...Realize that all the copper sets had a clear finish on them...Once thats removed you are screwed...Even certain car polishes could take the protection off.....Call 3 M.......

If you really want to try it....Try on the underside of the bas drum of the current set....

We discontinued the copper set after 4 years because it was a pain..

If you try to removed the copper...aside from cutting your hands all up. You will probably pull the top layer of wood off. We use a contact cement as that was the only thing that would hold it on....We also had to scratch the surface up with a sander....
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