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Default Re: Coating MIJ drum interiors

I've done it before on a few kits, mostly just to seal them and make them stronger.

When it comes to drum's sound, 95% of it (IMHO), is tuning and head selection. Also remember how Luan is naturally. Very porus and stringy. You can't argue with science, and science says that the harder and smoother the surface, the more reflective the sound waves will be. Conversely, the softer and rougher the surface, the more absorbed the sound waves will be.

By sealing/laquering the interiors, it certainly makes them smoother and harder, thereby making the sound waves more reflective. On mine, I did notice a small difference in projection and resonance, but not nearly the difference in changing from say a Coated Ambassador top and bottom to a clear Pinstripe top and bottom would have made.
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